Resources and Web Links



Australian Sustainable School Initiative
Resource for ACT teachers who are embedding sustainable practices into the school.  It provides information on how to get involved including units of work on; energy, water, biodiversity, waste and climate change.

Ollie’s world
Ollie’ world programs and CD Roms are interactive multimedia educational programs that support the teaching and learning about sustainable practices and ecological footprint.

Climate x change
Questacon website focusing on climate x change: Allows users to share stories (in text, photos and video) of how climate change has or might affect them in their local area. Teacher resources make links to curriculum.



Murdoch, K. 1992, Integrating Naturally – Units of work for Environmental Education, Dellastra Publication, Victoria. ISBN: 1875627219
Using environmental education as a focus for an integrated curriculum, the units of work in this book allow students to take an active role in their learning to gain a sound knowledge of environmental issues.


Action Earth, school edition, (2007), DVD, FOXTEL, Sydney, Australia. Featuring Ian Thorpe.
This is a series of 20 short form programs hosted by world swimming champion Ian Thorpe.  It aims to educate and provide viewers with a hands-on approach to improve their environment.



Primary Connections
Links the teaching of science with that of literacy and is a rich and innovative classroom resource. Recommended professional learning through Primary Connections before use.

Science Lynx
Links to science areas under and key organisers. Some resources are teacher-oriented (professional development), while most are suitable for student use.

LabLinks – ICT for teaching science
LabLinks is a professional development program for secondary science teachers which promotes the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in lessons from the Australian Science Innovations Inc.

Variety of teacher resources, lessons plans and worksheets across the areas of Science Inquiry and General Science, Life processes and Living Things, Materials and their Properties, Physical Processes.

Smart moves - Questacon
Useful for looking at careers in science.  This site also has teacher information and links to what’s new in science

CSIRO Podcasts
Selection of up to date podcasts, articles and links to cutting edge research from a variety of different research fields. Possible sources for inspiration, assignments, home work, visuals that brings real research into the classroom.

ABC Science
Excellent resource for both teachers and students covering science news, controversial topics, science information and more.

Hubble Telescope
Contains news, information, video footage and education resources from this project.

NASA Education
Valuable and interesting activities, fact sheets, images, lessons and links. It will take time to navigate.

Biotechnology Online
The Biotechnology Online Secondary School Resource provides balanced and factual information about biotechnology.

A full range of educational materials are developed to complement and supplement exhibitions that are presented by Questacon.

Science games and activities
This website supports students with their Science Revision for their r tests. It contains interactive online science games as well as other interactive science activities.

Earth Sciences
Geoscience Australia (GA)
Offers a range of downloadable cut outs, fact sheets and resources.