The 2007 ACT curriculum framework, Every chance to learn, sets the foundation for a new approach to curriculum development in ACT schools. It provides public and non-government schools in the ACT with the curriculum framework on which to base their school curriculum plans from preschool to year 10.
The curriculum framework comprises 10 curriculum principles to guide curriculum decision-making in schools and 25 Essential Learning Achievements that identify what is essential for all ACT students to know, understand, value and be able to do. It has been finalised after a four-year period of extensive review and development, community consultation, school trial and external validation.

The curriculum framework is designed to ensure that all ACT students, from preschool to year 10, are provided with a comprehensive and balanced curriculum.

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Framework Documents

Curriculum Framework for ACT Schools (pdf, 1.5mb)


Framework by band of development

Early Childhood

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Later Childhood

pdf pdf 582kb           Word Word 2.6mb

Early Adolescence

pdf pdf 609kb           Word Word 2.7mb

Later Adolescence

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