Curriculum design

ACT schools are responsible for developing, maintaining and reviewing curriculum for their students. ACT schools will decide how they will organise their curriculum to maximise opportunities for student achievement of the Essential Learning Achievements in the ACT curriculum framework.
The framework identifies a core of learning that is essential for all students in the ACT. It does not necessarily describe all the learning considered valuable for students in each school.
Schools, in consultation with their school communities, may also determine additional (or ‘worthwhile’) learning they believe is important for some or all of their students and include this in their school curriculum..
In developing their curriculum, ACT schools will therefore need to decide:

  • what worthwhile learning they may wish to include for some or all students in the school

  • how the worthwhile and essential learning will be linked

  • how their curriculum will be organised to include both the essential learning from the curriculum framework and the worthwhile learning from their school-based decision-making.