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ImpACT Critical Incident Management (2216)


The Incident Management Program for the ACT (ImpACT) prepares participants to respond to an incident or challenging situation. The interactive simulation exercise uses video clips and scenarios based on real examples to work on responses in critical situations. The critical incident management module is designed for school leadership teams to support them with skills and information in the event of a critical incident occurring at a school or during a school managed event.

Event Sessions

Please note that this event is for ACT Department of Education and Training Staff only.
The following session(s) are available:

There are no upcoming elective sessions for this event

Event Fees

Departmental Staff: N/A

Non-Departmental Staff: N/A

Contact Details

Please contact the following if you require any more details about this event.
Contact Name: Catriona Meere
Phone: 50335

Event Target

Sectors: College,High School,Primary
Groups: Deputy Principal,Executive Teacher,Principal
Specialisation: There are no target specialisations defined for this event.

Eligibility Criteria

School Leadership Teams Primary Leaders Friday 30 March Secondary leaders Tuesday 3 April

Professional Learning Focus Areas

Leadership, Management eg. compliance training

Version: 1.1.1