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SCIS (Schools Catalogue Information Service)Advanced Update (2132)


This presentation and advanced workshop emphasises existing SCIS services,investigates new SCIS services, and explains cataloguing standards and future directions for school libraries.

Event Sessions

The following session(s) are available:

There are no upcoming elective sessions for this event

Event Fees

Departmental Staff: N/A

Non ACT Department of Education and Training Staff:$48.00

Contact Details

Please contact the following if you require any more details about this event.
Contact Name: Julie Goodall
Phone: 02 6205 8215

Event Target

Sectors: College,Early Childhood School,High School,Primary,Special School
Groups: Executive Teacher,School Assistant,Teacher Librarian
Specialisation: Teacher Librarian

Eligibility Criteria

For experienced SCIS users in school libraries

Professional Learning Focus Areas

Career Development - Administrative Staff (non-teaching), Skills Development, Library management skills

Version: 1.1.1